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Corinne I. Heitz
POB 119
CH- 9427 Wolfhalden







A Women's Health Program in Switzerland

to the Serafin® Health Program
for Women

Experience a healing journey .........

within the pre-alpine climate of the Appenzell region in Switzerland.

We invite groups or individual women for holistic health and wellness holidays to our town located above the Lake of Constance, close to the border of Austria and Germany, in the beautiful Appenzell region.

The holistic health assessment includes not only the physical, but also emotional and lifestyle factors (stress).
A Swiss (English speaking) Naturopath (N.D.) will take care of your health problems. She owns a master's degree in philosophy and provides meditation courses as well.

For your comfort a master's level American social worker from a clinical social work program, will provide individual counseling, exploration of stress, and clay workshops.

Our respectful, nurturing environment is designed to empower women to bring balance and wellness back into their lives through the integration of mind, body, and spirit.
Women are encouraged to explore their inner resources and creativity, through the use of meditation groups and  clay workshops.
The effects of stress on health and well-being will be explored.   Individual counseling sessions will be provided as support during the healing process.  Guided and individual walks through the lovely hills above Lake Constance are included.
Many have stated that walks in the Appenzell hills have been known to contribute to a feeling of well-being and relaxation as well as a sense of spiritual connection. The region is known for its healing traditions since 1570.

Our goal is to provide a peaceful, stress-free refuge for health conscious women in the Appenzell region, where holidays are affordable and healing has its own tradition.

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snail mail:
Serafin AG
POB 119
CH-9427 Wolfhalden Switzerland

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This project is "morally" supported by
The Cantonal Economic Development Appenzell Ausserrhoden

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